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Military Medical Science Letters (Vojenské Zdravotnické Listy) is a national professional journal of military doctors, pharmacists and veterinary doctors with a long tradition. It is the oldest military journal in the Czech Republic whose first issue was published in April 1925. The journal is mainly aimed at military doctors of all specializations, military pharmacists, veterinary doctors and researchers, members of the integrated rescue system units and the others from the professional public who are interested in.


The journal informs of research work results in conditions of military health care, it presents results of preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic activities and last but not least it is a significant resource of experience and enlightenment from the practice of the Czech Armed Forces Medical Service not only in peace time but also war time services mainly in foreign missions, which occurs more often.


Contributions from all medical branches, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, medicinal chemistry, contributions from the field of nursing, and other works mainly focused on military health care are welcome to be published in Military Medical Science Letters. All works undergo a regular review procedure.


Manuscripts are accepted in English or in Czech/Slovak language. Military Medical Science Letters meets criteria set by the Research and Development Council of the Czech Republic Government and it is included in the List of the Reviewed Non-Impact Factor Journals published in the Czech Republic.


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